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How To Access Pakistan Citizen Portal From Web

How To Access Pakistan Citizen Portal From Web

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Pakistan Citizen Portal Web

What is Pakistan Citizen Portal

Pakistan Citizen Portal is a portal where the citizens of Pakistan can register their complaints against different issues or problems they are facing. The Citizen Portal Pakistan enables the citizens of Pakistan to lodge their complaints in a variety of categories which include complaints against all government departments of their employees.

Generally, the people of Pakistan are aware of the Pakistan Citizen Portal Application which they can use to register their complaints via their smartphones. However, there is also a web version of the same portal which the citizens can use on their laptops or personal computers to register their complaints on the same portal.

When Pakistan Citizen Portal Was Launched

Pakistan Citizen Portal was introduced by Prime Minister Imran Khan after his coming into power in 2018. By the time this article is published, hundreds of thousands of ordinary people of Pakistan have registered their complaints pertaining to different issues and had gotten the problem solved.

The application provides speedy complaint resolutions to the ordinary citizen of Pakistan who otherwise does not have an approach to the authorities of the country to get their genuine complaints resolved. Unfortunately, most of the country’s middle or lower-middle-class people are not aware of this portal to reach their voice to be heard by the authorities of Pakistan.

I have registered thirteen complaints to date and got most of the issues solved through this portal, which otherwise would not have been solved if this portal was not there. You can see the below image I have taken from my portal dashboard.

I would strongly recommend, especially to the people of Balochistan to use this portal and register your complaint and get them resolved.

Pakistan Citizen Portal Web Version

As I mentioned that most people either are not aware of the web version of the PMDU Citizen Portal or they are not able to find its link to access it from their laptops or personal computers. You can access the Web Citizen Portal on this LINK. Once you click on this given link, the following page of the Pakistan Citizen Portal will open.

Once you open this page, then you can first register on this portal using your CNIC or Passport. After registration, you will be able to register your complaint on this portal using your laptop or personal computer.

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