General Knowledge Quizzes

We are pleased to share with you General Knowledge Quiz which would help you get prepared for your competitive exams. You will be able to take exams of BPSC, NTS, PTS, PPSC, FPSC, CSS, PMS and medical & engineering exams with ease and success.

What Does General Knowledge Quizzes Covers?

We have covered all of the important topics that comes under general knowledge syllabus and can be asked in exams as aforementioned. It includes topics but not limited to Science, Universe, Arts, Politics and general knowledge of Pakistan, south Asia, Asia, China, India, USA in particular and all countries in general.

How Are General Knowledge Quizzes Designed?

This quiz contains separate quizzes for separate chapters. Each of the quizzes contains 20 general knowledge questions. The quiz picks random questions from the data base. It means each time a person takes this quiz, he/she would be facing new questions (80%-70% new questions) providing an opportunity to prepare a great a number of questions on general knowledge. These quizzes covers both general knowledge questions with answers.

How The Marking Works For This Quiz?

Each quiz contains 10 marks and each correct question have 5 marks. It means a person answers 10 GK questions correctly, he/she will get 50 marks. There is no negative marking for the wrong answers. Similarly, a person answering all 20 questions correctly, will get 100 marks.

How Old The General Knowledge Quizzes Questions Are?

The quizzes covers important questions that may be as old as covering last 10-15 decades. We Also add new questions covering current events taking place in the world. It means you will be facing with questions that are old as well as ones that are new.

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