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Veterinary Officer Syllabus B-17 BPSC

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Syllabus for the Post of Veterinary Officer (B-1'7)in the Livestock and Dairy Development Department

Advt. No.: 07/2021

Qualification: |Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Husbandry/Veterinary Science,

DVM in Animal Husbandry/Veterinary Science

.     Characteristics of Livestock Breeds and Its Importance:

Important Livestock Breeds of Balochistan, Methods of Breeding (Importance and their Characteristics), Importance and Role in Agriculture Economy.

.     Livestock Management:

Management Protocol of Small and Large Ruminant, Stall Feeding, Fattening of Animal for Value Addition, Calf and Kid Management.

.     Animal Feeding and Nutrition:

Important Feed Ingredients for Livestock and Poultry, Anti-Nutritional Factors of Feed Ingredients, Feed formulation of Ruminant and Poultry, Nutrient Digestion and Metabolism in Compound Stomach and Simple Stomach Animal.

.     Medicine:

Concept of Health and Disease, General Medicine of Livestock and Poultry, Contagious &Zoonotic Diseases, Parasitic Diseases; Protozoan Diseases

- Pathology and Microbiology:

General Pathology, Microbiology and Parasitology. Principles of Antimicrobial Agents. Systemic Pathology (Gastrointestinal, Urinary, Reproductive)

.     Immunity and Immunization:

Concept ofVaccination and Immunity, DifferentVaccines and Vaccination of Livestock.


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