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Indian History Period-II (PCS Optional) Past Paper

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Marks: 150 January 18, 2007 Time: 3 Hours
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NOTE: Attempt any Five questions. At least two question from each part. Question No.1 is compulsory. All question carry equal marks.



Q.1. Read the following statements carefully and write down the correct answer: (any ten).

i. Name the authors of following source books of History and give references of reign as well:

(a) Tazkiratul Waqiat (b) The Tarikh-i-Feroz Shahi (c) Akbar Nama & Ain-i-Akbari (d) Muntakhab-ul-Lubab (d) Siyarul Mutkherin
ii. “Congeries of States” Explain.
iii. Give the place and date of birth of Babur.
iv. Date the First, Second, Third, Fourth & Fifth expedition on India by Babur.
v. Sher Shah was born at ________near _______ in_________.
vi. Date the Battles of Chausa & Qanauj. Who was victorious?
vii. Give number of “Sarkars” and “Parganas” in the empire of Sher Shah.
viii. Who beheaded “Himu” the hero and the hope of Hindus in the second battle of Paniput, 1556.
ix. Date the annexation of Qandhar to the Mughal Empire, by Akbar.
x. Explain the duties of following:
(a) The Vakil (b) Diwan (c) Mir Baksi
xi. What do you know about the following Division of Land into four classes of Mughal Revenue Administration?
1. Polag 2. Parauti 3. Chachar 4. Aanjar
xii. Will you put light on the twelve ordinances, ( popularly called, Dastural Amal) introduced by Jahangir.
xiii. How “Mehr-un-Nisa” became ‘Noor Jahan’ and Chief Queen of Jahangir.
xiv. Shah Jahan’s reign is specially known for unique development in the art of architecture. Name & explain the five (5) important buildings made by Shah Jahan.
xv. What is meant by the “Doctrine of Lapse” adopted by Lord Dalhousi?


Q.2. “India was a congeries of states at the beginning of 16th century and likely to be an easy prey of an invader with strength and will”. Explain.

Q.3. “Sher Shah was the first king of Medieval India to found an empire broadly based upon the people’s will”. How he is regarded as pioneer of Akbar?

Q.4. What was the Mughal Legacy in the Sub-Continent.

Q.5. Discuss the character and achievements of Aurangzed Alamgir.



Q.6. “18th century was a long period of screening test in which the English finally distinguished themselves”. Comment.

Q.7. Discuss the causes and result of the First Anglo Afghan War.

Q.8. Make a critical survey of the reign of Lord Hastings.

Q.9. “East India Company’s rule was a mixed blessing”. How?

Q.10. “The British themselves were responsible for the great rebellion of 1857”. Elucidate.

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