Five Common Hand Disorder Disease

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Hands are one of the most important and basic organs of our body that are in contact with the whole body, doctors say. This article contains 5 important hand signs that you need to see when you see your doctor.

Sweating In the Hands
Sweating in the hands can be the cause of many diseases, usually excessive sweating in the hands is caused by Overactive Thyroid which makes your sweat glands more active and causes excessive sweating. Yes, even in the case of stress, these sweat glands begin to produce more sweat.

Symptoms of excessive sweating in the hands are linked to many dangerous diseases like heart attack, malaria, high fever, etc. So if you have these symptoms contact your doctor right away.

Weak Nails
Weak nails or cracks in the nails are usually due to Zinc deficiency in the body. In such cases, high zinc intake such as meat, dry fruit, commodities, etc. should be used and should be consulted by a doctor.

Tremors of Hands
Tremors of the hands can lead to dangerous diseases, especially Parkinson Disease, so it is very important to see a good doctor right away for better guidance.

Dryness on Hands
Usually it is caused by dehydration and it is also present in the hands in case of hormones impairment. Drinking more water for the control of dehydration and the use of moisturizers on hand and good diet eliminates dandruff. For this you can also get hormone Replacement Therapy with your doctor.

Needles in Hands and Lack of Sensitivity
Usually after sleeping, these symptoms are felt in which the hand or any other part of the body does not feel with the body and when we move, the needles in the area begin to be chewed, this is because While sleeping, we hold the sensor Nerve in that part of the body for a long time and when the pressure is removed from this Nerve, the needles are felt on the relevant part in the process of rejuvenation.

Also, if these symptoms persist if you are feeling it, it can be the cause of many dangerous diseases, which include diabetes. In addition, if these symptoms are persistent, they can be the cause of many dangerous diseases, such as diabetes.

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