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Important Topics/Syllabus for Islamic History Period-I

Study Area - 1 The Ancient Arabia

Main Focus
1- Byzantine empir
2-Babylonian empir
3- Sassanid empir
4- Social, Political, Religious, Economic condition of these Empires
5- Conditions of Arabia before the advent of Islam.
6- Impact of Islam on these civilizations.

Study Area - 1 the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)

Main Focus
1- Hijra as a turning point in Islamic History.
2-Treaty of Hudaiba
3- Conquest of Makkah
4- Prophet as a social reformer
5- Life and teachings of the Prophet
6- Difficulties faced by the holy prophet .

Study area 4 Orthodox Caliphs

Main Focus
1- Collection and preservation of Holy Quran
2-Expansion of Islamic state
3- Election of Orthodox caliph
4- Character and achievements in general

Study area 5 Hazrat Abubakr (RTA)

Main focus
1-Problems he faced
2-His achievements
3- Military expeditions

Study Area 6 Hazrat Umar(RTA)

Main focus
1-Administrative reforms
2-Military expeditions
3-Analysis of character and achievements.

Study area 7 Hazrat Usman Ghani(RTA)

Main focus
1-His Shahadah, Reasons of his Shahadah

Study area 8 Hazrat Ali (RTA)

Study area 9 Ummayad dynasty

Main focus
1- emergence of ummayads
2-administrative set up
3- expansion of islamic empire
4-character and achievements of
. .abdul malik bin marwan
...walid bin abdul malik
.,umer bin abdul aziz
5- causes of the downfall of ummayads

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