How to select optional subjects for CSS?

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How to select optional subjects for CSS?

CSS is a competitive exam which is taken every year by the Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan. The candidates which are selected through this exam are deputed as BP-17 Officer across the country in different federal government bodes' offices.

A person who wants to appear in CSS exam has to take the exam in Compulsory and Optional subjects. Compulsory are those subjects which have to be opted for exam by every student. However, the optional subjects provide an extensive list of subject from which a candidate has to select subjects of his own choice.

Now comes the answer to the question which is asked by many people how they should their optional subjects. Please keep in mind that there is not one straight and simple answer to this question. However, if you keep in mind the folwing points in mind, you may end up with selecting subjects that could help you get the highest marks in CSS examinations.
  1. Choose those subjects which you have interest in
  2. Select subjects which in which you have performed well in your previous exams (university and college)
  3. Normaly subjects whose questions could be answered in a lesser number of ways, have a high chance of scoring good marks. example. If somebody ask you what is the procedure to install an x software. The asnwer to this question may be having 4, 5 steps, and anybody who install this software must go though the same 4,5 steps. On the other hand, if there is a subject in which a question goes like; Discuss how global warming can be reduced/abolished? This question can be answered in a number of ways. The answer one candidate give may not be the same as of another candidate. So, the examiner may not be able to decide which one is the best answer, as if he give full marks to the paper he is checking on number 5, there is a chance that the candidate whose paper is checked on 200th number may have a better answer, so the examiner always care/abstain in such cases
  4. Accoutning, Mathematics, and all those subjects which have numerical fix answers score high

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